REDD+ Project Background: The Project is programmed under the umbrella of the EUR 40 million Financing Agreement within the EDF Intra-ACP financial framework of support to the EU Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA). The objective of the Intra-ACP programme is to support the sustainable development of the ACP regions and countries, ensuring their progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in these and many other developing countries.

REDD+ Project Overall objective: The overall development objective(s) to which the project, and therefore this programme estimate, are intended to contribute is to contribute to the establishment of a low-carbon and pro-poor development of Sierra Leone, whilst enhancing the degree of environmental protection and maximizing the benefits offered by environmental services.

REDD+ Project purpose: The purpose of the project, and therefore of this programme estimate, is to generate basic conditions (institutional, technical, social) and experience necessary for sound forestry governance, benefit from REDD+ initiatives according to a pro-poor approach and for the development of renewable energy in Sierra Leone

Expected Results of REDD+ Project
Result 1: The Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security is strengthened in terms of institutional structure, policy framework, technical capacities, and logistical support so as to be able to fully assume its role in the protection and management of forest resources in the country.

Result 2: Basic REDD+ readiness is completed for Sierra Leone.

Result 3: The level of awareness of climate change and its links to environmental degradation and development, particularly children and women, has significantly increased.

Result 4: Sustainable charcoal production is piloted in Sierra Leone, showing its potential to reduce the pressure on forests.

Result 5: The potential for the generation of solar power in Sierra Leone has been mapped, overlaid with the areas of demand for electricity, in such a way that it established the basic information needed to prepare a national solar energy strategy and action plan