The overall goal of the SCP-GAFSP is to empower the rural poor to increase their food security and incomes on a sustainable basis in order to lead to long-term economic development and poverty reduction. This is consistent with the overall goal of the Agenda for Change (PRSP II), the Strategic Framework of the RB-COSOP 2010-2015 and Millennium Development Goal 1 (MDG 1).

In 5 Years, the specific objectives of SCP financed through the SCP-GAFSP funds are:

Reduced gap between national rice production and demand (representing 70,000 metric tons) through: (i) rice upland yields increased by 15 percent; (ii) intensification of rice production on 4,000 ha of Inland Valley Swamps; (iii) rice post-harvest losses reduced by 20 percent; and (iv) access to inputs improved for 10 percent of the ABCs’ farmers targeted groups.

Farm incomes increased by 10 percent for direct beneficiaries through: (i) 10,000 ha of tree crops rehabilitation (cocoa, coffee and palm oil mainly); (ii) increased value addition of product through processing and marketing (iii) improved farmers’ access to extension services; and (iv) enhanced farmers’ representation at local and national level to advocate on their interests within value chains development and other areas

The SCP-GAFSP financing has 4 components: Component 1 (smallholder agriculture and commercialisation), component 2 (small scale irrigation), component 3 (rural finance) and component 4 (Coordination and management). The project is implemented 9 districts; namely: Bo, Bonthe, Moyamba, Pujehun (Southern Province); Bombali, Tonkolili, Kambia and PortLoko (Northern Province) and Western Urban

As at end December 2014, 50 out 193 ABCs have been transformed into Cooperatives, 191 FBOs formed, 950ha of Inland Valley Swamps rehabilitated and 500ha of cashew plants rehabilitated/developed. 15 out of 27 Agro-dealers licensed and registered. 15 Financial Services Associations (FSAs) and 4 Community Banks were built and functional in the north and southern provinces. A Mid Term Review of the programme is ongoing.