To improve food security and alleviate poverty for the rural population of the Districts of Bo, Bombali and Tonkolili by increasing productivity in farming systems, introducing improved cultural practices, strengthening institutions, integrating appropriate research and extension, and diversifying the production of crops and animals.

Project Components

The main components of the DFPP include:

  1. Rural Infrastructure; this is sub-divided into  inland valley swamp development/rehabilitation and construction and equipping of socio-economic infrastructure (rehabilitation/construction, construction and equipping of agro business centres – ABCs, and construction and stocking of fish ponds)
  2. Extension Services and Institutional Strengthening: Setting up of Farmer Based Organizations – FBOs
  3. Supply of inputs, tools, equipment , small ruminants and poultry
  4. Consultancy Services: Recruitment of a Civil Engineering Consultant and an Independent Auditor
  5. Support to the Project Management Unit - PMU