National Programme Monitoring Unit (NPCU) is an agency of the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security established to undertake, implement and operate joint projects of the Government of Sierra Leone and the International Fund for Agricultural Development-IFAD. Initiated in the country in 1980, IFAD has provided a total of US$ 127.2 million

in financing for seven loans and three grants for programmes and projects with a total cost of US$249.8 million. The IFAD portfolio in Sierra Leone currently comprises two projects: The ongoing Rehabilitation and Community-based Poverty Reduction Project (RCPRP) Through the RCPRP, the NPCU undertakes infrastructural development projects such as the rehabilitation of Inland Valley Swamps-IVS, Agricultural Business Centres (ABCs), Feeder Roads and provide other support programmes to local government councils in terms of infrastructure. The Rural Finance and Community Improvement Project (RFCIP), which was approved in 2007. Through IFAD's debt sustainability framework the organization has provided US$10.0 million in grant assistance to Sierra Leone to support the RFCIP. IFAD introduce the financial services associations (FSA) model in Sierra Leone through the RFCIP. An ongoing FSA pilot project, launched in 2007, is laying groundwork for the establishment of over 60 FSAs and community Banks created under the RFCIP. The Smallholder Commercialization Programme - under the Global Agricultural Food Security Programme (SCP-GAFSP), which was launched in 2011.