Addax Bio-energy, a leading bio-fuel company in Africa and presently operating in Makeni in the northern region of Sierra Leone, has disclosed that over two thousand lucrative jobs have been provided for youths in Sierra Leone plus over 3000 casual jobs since it commenced operations in the country.

This disclosure was made to AgriNews by the Managing Di­rector of Addax Bio energy Mr. Nikolai Germann during a field visit to its Makeni facility. It is revealed that the com­pany which is the first in African to start processing its fin­ish product in its host country; has the prospect of providing more employment for our youth folks as it continues to swell the country’s GDP with it regular export of Bio-energy prod­uct.

The project, he went on, aims to become a model for sustain­able investment in Africa, through the respect of strict sus­tainability standards and the introduction of innovative social solutions.

He also stated that the project is bringing concrete, lasting and sustainable development to one of the poorest areas of Af­rica. He said hundreds of people in Makeni have already seen their livelihoods improved in the form of jobs, social services, health services and clean drinking water and other social ame­nities.