Crops Division

Provide the enabling environment for increased agricultural production as to achieve food sufficiency and security by promoting research and extension

Input delivery, processing and marketing resulting to the improvement of rural incomes, poverty reduction and maintain the natural environment 

Ensure the distribution and implementation of policies and guidelines regarding agricultural plants and crops service

Ensure crop protection and undertake phytosanitary services including emergency action on major plant pest and disease epidemic outbreaks

Enhance food crop production, value addition and market

Promote export crop promotion through plantation development, processing, value addition and quality assurance

Livestock Division

Promote animal production and health so as to improve on animal resource

Institute measures that will enhance the nutritional states and incomes of the rural poor and to provide animal production and health services

Ensure the implementation of policies and guidelines regarding livestock service

Collaborate with relevant institutions on research technology generation and dissemination

Plan, organize and supervise vaccination and sterilization programmes in the field and participate in the Animal Health Planning and Implementation

Conduct basic epidemiological surveillance of animal diseases

Forestry Division

To sustain the management and utilization of the forest resources and the preservation of the forest environment for biodiversity research, education and extension conservation 

Agric-Engineering Division

Creates the enabling environment for increased food production through the judicious use of farm machines, land and water resources

Production of soil and land suitability maps

Carryout soil survey and Land evaluation throughout the country

Optimise the use of limited land resources for agriculture, forestry and pasture

Planning, Evaluation, Monitoring and Statistics Division (PEMSD)

Formulate agricultural policies and carryout development programmes analysis and planning 

Agricultural Sector Policy and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation,

Agricultural Statistics and Price and Marketing Policies

 Conducts price and marketing studies; Monitor and Evaluate field activity programme, the general performance of all the Divisions and Projects and identifies the needs for any changes in direction or resource requirements

Collect, process, analyse and disseminate agricultural statistics. 

Agricultural Extension Services Division

To fully rehabilitate and increase coverage and effectiveness of the agricultural extension service delivery and provide a mass infrastructure in order to increase the pace of agricultural development, reduce poverty and improve rural welfare

Ensure the distribution and implementation of policies and guidelines regarding agricultural extension services and other sectors