Kono District is found in the Eastern province of Sierra Leone. It has fourteen (14) chiefdoms. The dominant tribe is Kono found in all chiefdoms. It shares common boundary with the republic of Guinea in the west and Northwest. Four chiefdoms, namely: Lei, Toli, Gbane Kandor, Mafindor are located along the guinea border. In each of these chiefdoms the native tribes are the Kono and the Kissi. Kono district shares common boundary with Kailahun district in the east, Koinadugu and Tonkolili in the north.

Bombali District with District headquarter Makeni has 13 Chiefdoms. In line with the decentralization process and in matching up with the MAFFS extension delivery system, the district is delineated into 6 Agricultural Blocks of which each Block is sub divided into 8 Agricultural Circles making a total of 48 Circles. The Block Extension Supervisors (BES) are the heads of the Blocks, while the Frontline Extension Workers (FEW) are in charge of the Circles. At MAFFS headquarter level, the 6 Divisions include: